Companies in the Migdal group

Information on subsidiaries of the Migdal group

:Migdal group, the leader in pension savings and insurance in Israel, has a line of subsidiaries

Migdal Makefet
Pension, retirement and study funds solutions from Migdal

Migdal Makefet is one of the prominent forces in the pension savings field in Israel, and it is the leader in the dynamic area of pension funds. Migdal Makefet runs the Makefet Ishit fund – a new and broad fund, and the Makefet Mashlima fund – a general pension fund. Also, Migdal runs retirement and study funds.

Yozma Vatika Yozma Vatika
Independent Pension Funds Inc.

Yozma Independent Pension Funds Inc. (the company) has been operational since June 1st, 2007 as a directing company (private and stock - limited company).
The company deals with managing pension funds.
The company runs Yozma Pension Fund for independent workers, a broad pension fund approved by the capital market commissioner and the IRS. The fund was established in 1981.

Mivtach-Simon Mivtach-Simon / MVS Insurance Agencies
The largest and leading Israeli company for pension plans management
MVS specializes in managing pension plans, life insurance, pensions and financial business planning. The pension solutions provide financial security to 160,000 customers and 6,000 companies in Israel.

Ihud Insurance Ihud Insurance
Selling life, personal accidents and mortgage insurance

Ihud operates as an agent of Ihud Insurance Network and it is entirely owned by Migdal. Ihud employs 60 professional employees at the Petach-Tikva offices.

Sagie Yogev Sagie Yogev
Professional power in pension plans and insurance
Sagi Yogev has been dealing with managing pension plans, life insurance, health, executives and pensions for over 20 years.

Shaham Shaham
One of the largest leading insurance agencies in Israel
Shaham Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of Migdal Group, is one of the largest, leading insurance agencies in Israel.
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