Migdal was established in 1934 and is the leading insurance and finances group in Israel
Migdal's shareholders are: Eliahu Insurance Company ltd - 68.46% and the public - 31.54%
Migdal has a leading managerial team and BoD members who are key figures in the Israeli business community

A Tower (Migdal) Of Social Responsibility 

Our Social Vision
As a leading group in the Israeli economy in general, and in the insurance and finance industry in particular, we seek to help improve the social situation in the state of Israel and to accelerate significant social changes, integrating them in our core business activity and with the social involvement of our employees.

Community Investment Strategy
Throughout all the years of our activity, we have helped to fulfil a variety of needs in the community, and our employees have volunteered in activities that benefit the community, taking the approach of social responsibility and involvement. In 2015, the Board of Directors of the Midgal Group approved a new strategy for social investment and contribution to the community, and allocated an annual contribution budget in the sum of NIS 8 million.

Management Of The Social Investment
The Contribution Committee and the Social Responsibility director manage the social responsibility issue in a professional and responsible manner, as with all the activities of the Group.

Social Responsibility Channels

Future Generation
promoting, supporting and assisting underprivileged children and at-risk youth
First Hug Association The Green Village
Inclusion of children in a steady family structure
The Green Village Association

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