Art and Works of Art


Israeli Art in Migdal

Art and works of art illustrate the vigor of societies and communities. Artists and their creations are cultural assets, and supporting them is an important value to any community. The Company believes that working in a cultural-artistic environment is an aesthetic perception contributing to the creativity of company employees.

The art collection is a tribute to old, renowned Israeli art presenting a variety of artists who have been acting in Israel ever since its establishment.

The company's works of art are based on different techniques – oil, acrylic, works on paper, prints, statues made of stone, metal and other materials – representing an entire spectrum of techniques and hence, artists. 
The art collection was purchased with love and created with thoughtful contemplation of Israel and its views, while representing the company's relations with its surrounding.
For a company engaged in insurance and finance, involvement in the community and art are the "additional soul".

 מגדל חברה לביטוח בע"מ